Developing apps and digital tools to make cities more open and liveable.

About OpenUrban

OpenUrban CIC is a Community Interest Company and non-profit founded in 2020 and based in London, UK.

We recognise the need for more innovative digital tools to improve health, quality of life and accessibility in London and other cities worldwide.

Our current project is the app and city-wide scheme Toilets4London, which won the 2020 Mayor's Entrepreneur Smart Cities Award. You can find out more about Toilets4London at

What we do

Do you have an interesting dataset that you would like to share with developers, data scientists, policy makers and curious minds worldwide or in your community? We would love to help! We can aid you with creating a database, data cleaning and standardisation, publishing a web API and more.

Already have an Open Data stream or dataset, and want to turn it into a useful tool or product? OpenUrban can turn your data into a modern and user friendly mobile app or web app so that your data can have a real impact. Contact us today to find out more.

OpenUrban is currently collecting a dataset of publicly accessible toilets in London, with help from community organisations and local authorities. Visit to find out more and get involved with the Toilets4London project.

Get in touch

OpenUrban is keen to get involved with projects that align with our aims. If you are a non profit, community group or public sector organisation in need of innovative open source digital solutions, we would love to help.

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