OpenUrban CIC

We bring access to everyone

Are you interested in smart cities, accessibility and open data?

OpenUrban is a non-profit dedicated to improving accessibility in cities. Founded in October 2020, OpenUrban has already launched the successful app Toilets4London. We achieve the greatest impact possible by focusing on accessibility problems encountered by many people that are currently not being tackled in the most effective way.

Our mission is to enable public sector organisations to share data more effectively, building apps and digital tools that help people find the accessibility information they need. Crowdsourcing initatives are great, but to affect genuine change, there needs to be a direct feedback loop between the general public and local authorities.

Our first project, Toilets4London, won the Mayor's Entrepreneur Smart Cities award and was awarded a £20,000 prize from the Mayor's Fund. The Toilets4London apps have been downloaded by thousands of users and the open data management tools behind Toilets4London offer a streamlined and sustainable way of improving the quality and accuracy of public toilet related data.

Photo of OpenUrban founder
OpenUrban's founder is Nina Rimsky, a M.Eng. Biomedical Engineering student at Imperial College London and enthusiastic software developer. Feel free to get in touch on LinkedIn.